Juno test ride special event terms and rules

Terms and Rules: Timyo B.V. Test Ride Event

1. General

1.1 The Test Ride Event is organized by Timyo B.V., hereafter referred to as Timyo, located at Stepvelden 1, 4704RM Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

1.2 Timyo retains full ownership and control over its brands: Vandijck, Muon, and Keola.

1.3 Participants who join the event agree to and are fully aware of the event's terms and rules.

2. Event Description

2.1 Timyo invites consumers to visit applicable dealers' stores for a test ride. 

2.2 All participents must complete a test ride waiver register.

2.3 Timyo will receive the register and send an electronic gift card and give away asset to the consumer via email.

2.4 Timyo will organize a giveaway raffle using the list of participants within a specified period to randomly select a winner.

2.5 The prize for each raffle activity winner is one Vandijck Juno electric bike.

2.6 Winners must collect the prize bike in-store.

2.7 All participants who join the raffle but do not win the prize are eligible for additional cashback ranging from 0 EUR to 200 EUR from Timyo.

3. Terms and Definitions

3.1 Consumers can test ride any Vandijck bike model at applicable Timyo dealer stores to participate in the event. 

3.2 This event is exclusive to dealers who commit to participate.

3.3 Customers must complete the Test Ride Waiver register with their genuine legal name and email address to be part of the event.

3.4 Electronic gift cards will be sent out within 6 weeks.

3.5 Cashback will be disbursed within 6 weeks.

3.6 Consumers cannot choose any product configuration for the prize product, such as battery size or frame color.

3.7 Timyo reserves the right to restart the raffle if the winner remains out of contact for 7 days.

3.8 Each participent is eligible to receive the gift card only once.

3.9 Applicable dealers are listed on the Vandijck official website: https://www.vandijck.bike/test-ride

3.10 Any Timyo employee, dealer, and dealer’s employees are excluded from this event.

4. Privacy & Legal

4.1 By participating in the test ride event, you agree to share your name and email information for marketing purposes.

4.2 By participating in the cashback activity, you agree to share personal bank account or other payment account information with Timyo for fund disbursement.

4.3 For the rest of the privacy terms and conditions, refer to: https://www.vandijck.bike/terms-of-use