Can I order spare parts through VanDijck?

It is not possible to order parts directly from VanDijck. Your dealer can help you with this. View the dealer overview on our website.

What is VanDijck's warranty period?

We offer a 2-year warranty on the Lithium-ion battery of your electric bicycle. The battery will be replaced free of charge if it is tested as defective by VanDijck within the warranty period. 

For other parts such as the frame of the bicycle, please refer to our warranty conditions or to one of our dealers .

Can I also order my electric bicycle online?

It is possible to order your VanDijck bicycle online via our website. You then have the choice of having your bike delivered at home by your dealer of choice, or pick it up at a VanDijck dealer nearby.

However, we always recommend that you visit an official point of sale before purchasing. Here the electric bike is set to your preferences and you have the opportunity to test the e-bike.

Will my electric bicycle be made ready for use?

Yes. When you purchase your electric bicycle from one of our dealers, the bicycle will be made 100% roadworthy.

Where can I go with a question about my VanDijck bike?

Do you experience a problem or do you have a general question about our bicycles? Then it is best to contact the nearest VanDijck dealer. They are in close contact with our service department and can provide you with expert advice.