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[Partner] VANPOWERS UrbanGlide

[Partner] VANPOWERS UrbanGlide

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Design & Aesthetics

Sleek and modern aesthetics, coupled with convenientstep-through designand seamless welding frame, make it the ultimate choice for riders who demand both performance and style.

Battery Capacity & Long

Conquer the city with ease on UrbanGlide-Ultra, boasting a 690WH UL certified battery with LG cells and110Km+range for an unparalleled riding experience that takes you further and safer than ever before.

Smooth & Powerful Handling

Equipped with aBafang® M510 48V/250Wmid drive motor, a torque sensor and two speed sensors, UrbanGlide-Ultra reacts with lightning speed to your pedal-power input and delivers impressive support at all times.

Comfortable Riding Experience

Combining an 80mmtravel hydraulic suspension fork, a 30mm travel suspension seat post, and reliable Tektro® hydraulic disc brakes, UrbanGlide-Ultra is crafted to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride for your journey.

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And receive:

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  • Manual

  • Pedals

  • Charger

  • Tools


Which frame height is suitable for me?

To give you an idea of ​​the suitable frame height for your electric bicycle, you can use the following table:

Body length -- Frame height

150-165 cm -- 46

155-170 cm -- 49

160-180 cm -- 51/53

170-190 cm -- 56/57

185-195 cm -- 61

190-210 cm -- 65

The correct frame height depends on a number of factors such as your body proportions and the chosen model. That is why we always recommend having your electric bicycle measured by a VanDijck dealer. He will be happy to help you choose the perfect adjustment for your e-bike

For more detailed information, please click here.

What kind of engine do I need?

The suitable type of motor for your electric bicycle depends on your personal preference. The two most common electric bicycle motors are described below.

Mid-engine electric bicycle

An electric bicycle with a mid-engine is considered by many to be a very nice option. Because the motor is located in the middle of the frame, the electric bicycle has a stable road holding and cycling feels very natural. A mid-motor electric bicycle uses a pedal force sensor. When you put a lot of force on the pedals, the motor will also provide more support. If you are cruising slowly and need less support, the mid-engine will adjust accordingly.

Read more information about the Bafang mid-engine here.

Electric bike with front wheel motor

A front-wheel motor electric bicycle brings a different riding experience; you are, as it were, pulled forward. The front-wheel motor is usually more suitable for people who need extra support when accelerating, such as people with joint problems. Front wheel motors are driven by a rotation sensor. This means that the support starts, with a slight delay, when you start pedaling and does not take into account the force you exert.

Can I try out a VanDijck bicycle?

Yes. You can always contact our trusted sales outlets for a test drive without obligation.