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Juno N7 GTS

Juno N7 GTS

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Picking the most reliable aluminum material to undergo 500 tons of high-pressure die-casting, our frames are meticulously made to last a lifetime. With a design focus on making the bike as light and accessible as possible, the sleek shapes and geometry of Juno’s frame contribute to the bike’s exceptional maneuverability.


We take pride on the in-house development of our First-Generation Kreutzer Mid Drive motors. Having developed the Kreutzer motor fully by ourselves, we’re extremely confident in its durability and power. We are so confident in its performance; we offer a 5-year warranty on every single one of our Kreutzer motors. If you seek an elegant and refined ride, our motors are sure to provide a powerful yet smooth and silent boost.


Designing our frames and drive systems in-house allows us to confidently say we hold the largest capacity for integrated batteries in the industry. Which means you get to elegantly ride our e-bikes much longer without compromising the bike’s sleek designs with a bulky battery sticking out!


As e-bike technologies continue to evolve, accessing their features become an increasingly confusing process for users. But not on the Juno! Our super intuitive displays are not only easy to use and understand, but also designed to be extremely accessible even when riding. With anti-theft options such as a 4-digit password on the display to unlock the e-bike’s electronics and an option to add a GPS locator on the Juno, its elegance is ensured to be experienced only by you.

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Juno N7 Juno N5e
Brake: Tektro, HD-M275 front hydraulic brake, L:1400mm, with 180 rotor, black Tektro, HD-M275 front hydraulic brake, L:1400mm, with 180 rotor, black
Wheel diameter: 28"x1.75" 28"x1.75"
Grips: Left: KS-G601,135mm, black; Right: KS-G601,92mm, black Left: KS-G601,135mm, black; Right: KS-G601,92mm, black
Peddeling Support: 5 Levels 5 Levels
Motor Location: Mid-Drive Mid-Drive
Max. speed: 25km/h 25km/h
Gearing: Shimano, N7 disc brake hub Shimano, N5e disc brake hub
Drive: Belt Belt
Tire: Schwalbe, Energizer plus tour, 47-622, Puncture-proof, Reflective Sidewall Stripe Schwalbe, Energizer plus tour, 47-622, Puncture-proof, Reflective Sidewall Stripe
Juno N7 Juno N5e
Color: 1. Titanium bronze glossy 2. Warm grey glossy Carmin red matte
Material: 6061 Aluminium Frame 6061 Aluminium Frame
Size: S: 460mm, M: 510mm, L: 560mm S: 460mm, M: 510mm, L: 560mm
Fork: Suntour, NEX-HLO-DS Suntour, NEX-HLO-DS
Lock: ABUS 4750 (one key solution) ABUS 4750 (one key solution)
Saddle: Timyo, KS-9042, black, no logo Timyo, KS-9042, black, no logo
Handlebar: Timyo, TY-HB-C2101 Timyo, TY-HB-C2101
Stem: Timyo, TY-S2002 Timyo, TY-S2002
Mudguards: Timyo, SP-56N700C Timyo, SP-56N700C
Juno N7 Juno N5e
Battery: Kreuzter Core 500 36V14.5Ah, Kreuzter Core 750 36V20Ah Kreuzter Core 500 36V14.5Ah, Kreuzter Core 750 36V20Ah
Display: Kreutzer, DM06 Kreutzer, DM06
Light: Timyo, DH002 Timyo, DR001 Timyo, DH002 Timyo, DR001
Motor: Kreutzer U5, 90N.m. Torque Kreutzer U5, 90N.m. Torque
Charger: Timyo, 36V3A Timyo, 36V3A
Range: Up to 145km Up to 145km


Which frame height is suitable for me?

To give you an idea of ​​the suitable frame height for your electric bicycle, you can use the following table:

Body length -- Frame height

150-165 cm -- 46

155-170 cm -- 49

160-180 cm -- 51/53

170-190 cm -- 56/57

185-195 cm -- 61

190-210 cm -- 65

The correct frame height depends on a number of factors such as your body proportions and the chosen model. That is why we always recommend having your electric bicycle measured by a VanDijck dealer. He will be happy to help you choose the perfect adjustment for your e-bike

For more detailed information, please click here.

What kind of engine do I need?

The suitable type of motor for your electric bicycle depends on your personal preference. The two most common electric bicycle motors are described below.

Mid-engine electric bicycle

An electric bicycle with a mid-engine is considered by many to be a very nice option. Because the motor is located in the middle of the frame, the electric bicycle has a stable road holding and cycling feels very natural. A mid-motor electric bicycle uses a pedal force sensor. When you put a lot of force on the pedals, the motor will also provide more support. If you are cruising slowly and need less support, the mid-engine will adjust accordingly.

Read more information about the Bafang mid-engine here.

Electric bike with front wheel motor

A front-wheel motor electric bicycle brings a different riding experience; you are, as it were, pulled forward. The front-wheel motor is usually more suitable for people who need extra support when accelerating, such as people with joint problems. Front wheel motors are driven by a rotation sensor. This means that the support starts, with a slight delay, when you start pedaling and does not take into account the force you exert.

Can I try out a VanDijck bicycle?

Yes. You can always contact our trusted sales outlets for a test drive without obligation.