Purchasing your electric bicycle

How do I find a VanDijck point of sale?

VanDijck works together with a trusted and exclusive dealer network.

Use our 'Find a dealer' page to find out where to go.

Can I try out a VanDijck bicycle?

Yes. You can always contact our trusted sales outlets for a test drive without obligation.

Is my VanDijck bicycle in stock?

When ordering your electric bicycle online, you will immediately see whether or not the model is available. If a model is not in stock, we advise you to contact a VanDijck dealer in your area.

He may have your choice in stock. We can also check with him within our network of dealers whether one of his colleagues has the model in stock for onward delivery.

Is it possible to mount a pannier?

Yes. Our e-bikes are suitable for mounting different panniers. It can be easily attached to the luggage carrier.

Is it possible to install a child seat?

It is possible to install a child seat. We do recommend that you seek advice from a VanDijck dealer. He knows exactly which child seats are suitable for which model and can advise you on installation.

In addition, always observe the safety requirements for bicycle seats .

What does an electric bicycle cost?

The price of an electric bicycle mainly depends on the type of motor and the size of the battery capacity. A mid-motor electric bicycle is usually more expensive than an e-bike with a front-wheel motor.